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  1. For over 40 years, the franchise ownership redirection hypothesis has attracted the attention of many scholars. This study, differing from previous ones, proposes an alternative approach for this hypothesis us...

    Authors: Lukito Adi Nugroho
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2016 2:11
  2. Given the importance of customers as the most valuable assets of organizations, customer retention seems to be an essential, basic requirement for any organization. Banks are no exception to this rule. The com...

    Authors: Abbas Keramati, Hajar Ghaneei and Seyed Mohammad Mirmohammadi
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2016 2:10
  3. This study examines the effect of adopting cashless payment in five European Union (EU) countries, namely, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, and Portugal, for the period of 2000-2012.

    Authors: Hock-Han Tee and Hway-Boon Ong
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2016 2:4
  4. The purpose of this study is to examine volatility spillover effects between stock market and foreign exchange market in selected Asian countries; Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong and Japan. This s...

    Authors: Khalil Jebran and Amjad Iqbal
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2016 2:3

    The Correction to this article has been published in Financial Innovation 2021 7:23

  5. This article investigates the Least-Squares Monte Carlo Method by using different polynomial basis in American Asian Options pricing. The standard approach in the option pricing literature is to choose the bas...

    Authors: Ursula Silveira Monteiro de Lima and Carlos Patricio Samanez
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2016 2:1
  6. his paper presents a case study on 100Credit, an Internet credit service provider in China. 100Credit began as an IT company specializing in e-commerce recommendation before getting into the credit rating busi...

    Authors: Shaofeng Zhang, Wei Xiong, Wancheng Ni and Xin Li
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:17

    The Correction to this article has been published in Financial Innovation 2020 6:54

  7. The wealth effect of limiting shareholder rights via anti-takeover provisions(ATPs) is a contentious issue. By taking the differential effect hypothesis perspective, our study aims to provide additional eviden...

    Authors: Seoungpil Ahn and Jaiho Chung
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:13
  8. Compared with the fixed-price mechanism, the bookbuilding mechanism has not changed the Chinese IPO high underpricing. How to develop scientific and reasonable IPO pricing, and reduce the high IPO underpricing...

    Authors: Xiao-cheng Zhang, Miaomiao Zhang, Shao-an Huang and Yongsheng Zhou
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:11
  9. Market data for financial studies typically derives from either historical transactions or contemporaneous surveys of sentiment and perceptions. The research communities analyzing data from these opposing cate...

    Authors: J Christopher Westland
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:10
  10. To avoid credit fraud, social credit within an economic system has become an increasingly important criterion for the evaluation of economic agent activity and guaranteeing the development of a market economy ...

    Authors: Lean Yu, Xinxie Li, Ling Tang, Zongyi Zhang and Gang Kou
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:6
  11. Online peer-to-peer lending (P2P lending) is booming as the popularity of e-finance. To develop a conceptual model for the P2P lending process is great valuable for managers to tack the issues of marketing, ma...

    Authors: Huaiqing Wang, Kun Chen, Wei Zhu and Zhenxia Song
    Citation: Financial Innovation 2015 1:3