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Table 1 Selection criteria of the crowdfunding platforms for smart grid project investors

From: Analysis of crowdfunding platforms for microgrid project investors via a q-rung orthopair fuzzy hybrid decision-making approach

Criteria References
Support (CTN 1) Shneor et al. (2020), Pitchay et al. (2021)
Tools (CTN 2) Miglo (2020), Berné-Martínez et al. (2021)
Fund (CTN 3) Dalla Chiesa (2020), Tang et al. (2021), Perbangsa and Udiono (2020)
Security (CTN 4) Kim and Chang (2020), Yu et al. (2021)
Marketing (CTN 5) Behl and Dutta (2020), Peng et al. (2021)
Costs (CTN 6) Meoli et al. (2020), Pitchay et al. (2021)