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Table 1 FSB’s narrow definition of shadow banking and example of classified entity type

From: Shadow banking: a bibliometric and content analysis

Economic functions Definition Typical entities
Economic-function: 1 Management of collective investment vehicles with features that make them susceptible to runs MMFs, fixed-income funds, mixed funds, credit hedge funds, real estate funds
Economic-function: 2 A loan provision that is dependent on short-term funding Finance companies, leasing/factoring companies, consumer credit companies
Economic-function: 3 Intermediation of market activities that is dependent on short-term funding or secured funding of client assets Broker-dealers, securities finance companies
Economic-function: 4 Facilitation of credit creation Credit insurance companies, financial guarantors, monoline
Economic-function: 5 Securitization-based credit intermediation and funding of financial entities Securitization vehicles, structured finance vehicles, asset-backed securities
  1. Source: FSB (2020)