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Table 11 Notable key phrases of a selected company using TwittDict’s topic modeling technique, where a key phrase is denoted as a mixture of topics, frequency is its occurrence in the company’s corpus; score defines the relevance of its key phrase corresponding to the company

From: DAViS: a unified solution for data collection, analyzation, and visualization in real-time stock market prediction

Key phrase Frequency Score
Highlight securities are 4 3.3614E−4
Weekly Stock Trading 14 2.9650E−4
Between February 5 2.3770E−4
No change in trading volume 4 1.7058E−4
Value per security 13 9.0389E−5
Million values 21 8.3247E−5
Top gainers 41 8.1449E−5
Baht Index 14 7.8542E−5
Surpass the target 9 7.5920E−5
Weekly target 10 7.1074E−5
Technical signals 4 6.8964E−5