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Table 2 Description and statistics of variables

From: A predictive indicator using lender composition for loan evaluation in P2P lending

Variables Mean SD Description
\(X_1\) 5525 5258 The monetary amount of the loan
\(X_2\) 0.2022 0.0903 The Borrower’s interest rate for this loan
\(X_3\) 672.90 75.5151 FICO credit score of the borrower
\(X_4\) 2.0259 2.8737 Inquires number of borrower in the last 6 months
\(X_5\) 4.0224 9.9051 Number of borrower’s delinquencies in the past 7 years
\(X_6\) 0.2350 0.2550 The debt to income ratio of the borrower
\(X_7\) 0.6798 2.1153 Current delinquent of borrower’s accounts
\(X_8\) 3.7121 1.2032 The income range of the borrower
\(X_9\) 1.4317 2.0168 Loan score calculated by PageRank mechanism
\(X_{10}\) \(-0.3139\) 0.1254 Loan score without considering lender maturity
\(X_{11}\) \(-0.2805\) 0.1507 Loan score proposed by this paper
Y 0.2985 0.4577 The current status of the loan: 0-Paid; 1-Default