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Table 4 Samples of sentimental cues

From: How text sentiment moderates the impact of motivational cues on crowdfunding campaigns

Sentiment Segments of narratives
Positive sentiment What you can do to help With €1500 we can: Design and make an amazing set. We can pay for fantastic costumes for our cast, an essential part of our storytelling. We can light our set and give you an exhilarating (Yes. We promise!) theatre experience. The impact In the past we have been lucky to fund and create hit shows like WRAPPED and HARDER FASTER MORE on a shoestring budget
Negative sentiment It is a pity but our city is not present a complete and well-equipped animal shelter, and cannot help all the animals because there are a lot of them. All created by human hands! On the streets of our city thousands of starving cats and dogs. A lot of people who would like to help, but not everyone is able to! And how many on the streets of stray animals as kittens and puppies are dying of hunger! How many dogs that would become fast friends for each of us! So let's create a good, feed, drink, and cure each pet!