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Table 2 Samples of narratives

From: How text sentiment moderates the impact of motivational cues on crowdfunding campaigns

Category Definition Samples of narratives
Community The campaigns of community and society activities It's tough to be a small arts organization. It’s tough to be a small town. But we've learned a lot in the four years that we've organized The Festival of Women Writers in the small, Catskills town of Hobart, New York. Creative, hard-working and determined people can accomplish a lot with the help of their local community and their global community. They can make a platform to raise the visibility of creative women and nurture the blossoming of others
Creative works The campaigns of artwork and media activities Been looking to get music out to you and with recording costs it will take a while to get anything out and I'm not looking to drag this project. I would appreciate any bit that will help, I'm not one for begging for money, but since you contribute what you like, you will be rewarded with some cool merch. If you enjoy supporting the scene and art then you know how much this would mean to me. Thank you!
Tech and innovation The latest technical campaigns that improve our lifestyle THE IDEA Our goal is to launch automatic heart monitoring sensor kit, based on the electrocardiography method that will be connected with the healthcare organisation server. Using end-client kit software, system will analyze heart activity and inform server in two ways: (1) Call to the ambulance if case of heart attack, providing live information about patient to the crew. (2) Warning message in case of dangerous heart activity (preventive diagnostics) This is extremely important for the people, who are living distant from the relatives and often are unable to call an ambulance. HOW CAN I HELP? Please use Indiegogo share tools to help our project