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Table 4 The application of opinion dynamics models in politics

From: Opinion dynamics in finance and business: a literature review and research opportunities

Opinion expression format Models Networks References
Discrete opinions Sznajd model Scale-free network Bernardes et al. (2002)
Lattice Bernardes et al. (2001), Stauffer (2002a) and Sznajd-Weron (2005)
Small-world and Scale-free networks González et al. (2004)
Voter model No specific topology Sano et al. (2017)
Non-overlapping cells Pérez et al. (2015)
Mobility network Fernández-Gracia et al. (2014)
Small-world network Yildiz et al. (2013)
Majority rule model hierarchical structures Galam (1999)
No specific topology Galam (2004), Galam (2007) and Galam and Jacobs (2007)
Ising model Interacting networks Halu et al. (2013)
Ising model and kinetic exchange model Lattice Biswas and Sen (2017)
Continuous DeGroot model Erdős–Rényi random and scale free networks Sobehy et al. (2017)
BC model No specific topology Ben-Naim (2005)