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Table 2 Selected regions and countries

From: The comparative African regional economics of globalization in financial allocation efficiency: the pre-crisis era revisited

RegionsSelected countriesPanelsPolicy Dummies
UEMOABenin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Niger and Senegal1980–081994–08
COMESABurundi, Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, Malawi, Rwanda, Sudan, Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia1980–081995–08
CEMACCameron, Gabon, Congo Republic1990–081999–08
ECCASBurundi, Cameroon, Congo Republic, Gabon, Rwanda1990–081999–08
EACKenya, Tanzania, Uganda1990–082002–08
  1. UEMOA: West African Economic and Monetary Union. CEMAC: Central African Economic and Monetary Community. COMESA: Common Markets for Eastern and Southern Africa. EAC: East African Community. We dropped ECCAS because of incompatibility of robustness test. The Panel column represents the full sample whereas the policy dummy column denotes the year a common regional treaty was adopted for the sampled countries