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Table 2 Augmented Dickey-Fuller test results for unit roots

From: Do migrant remittances matter for financial development in Kenya?

Variable At level At first difference Order of integration
RGDP −4.92 I(0)
CRED −3.13 −5.10 I(1)
DEPGDP −3.20 −7.44 I(1)
TOPEN −3.59 I(0)
ER −3.48 − 5.62 I(1)
Lending −1.665 −5.884 I(1)
INT −1.22 −3.64 I(1)
CPI −2.78 −4.64 I(1)
REM −2.82 −11.66 I(1)
  1. RGDP real GDP; Cred private sector credit as a share of GDP, Depgdp bank deposits as a share of GDP, Int deposit interest rate, CPI inflation, ER Exchange rate, Topen trade openness, Rem total remittances, Lending lending interest rates