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Table 1 Notations and description

From: Value chain financing and plantain production in Nigeria: an ex-ante approach

Variable Description
P0 Initial equilibrium price of plantain
Q0 Initial equilibrium quantity of plantain
Z Relative reduction in price due to supply shift
ε Supply elasticity
η Demand elasticity
K Shift of the plantain supply curve as a proportion of the initial price
∆TS Change in total surplus
∆CS Change in consumer surplus
∆PS Change in producer surplus
E(Y) Expected proportionate yield change (∆ per Ha) due to the adoption of VCF
E(C) Expected proportionate change in variable input costs (∆ per Ha) from adoption
p Probability of success for achieving the expected yield change from adoption
At Adoption rate of VCF at time t
dt Rate of depreciation of the new technology/innovation