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Table 1 The Palestinian Banking System Institutions (PMA, 2014)

From: The impact of bank lending on Palestine economic growth: an econometric analysis of time series data

Palestinian Banking System Institutions (PMA,2014)
Foreign Banks Local Banks
Name of bank Since Name of bank Since
Cairo Amman Bank 1986 Bank of Palestine P.L.C 1960
Arab Bank 1994 Palestine Commercial Bank 1994
Bank of Jordan 1994 Palestine Investment Bank 1995
Egyptian Arab Land Bank 1994 Arab Islamic Bank 1995
Jordan Commercial Bank 1994 Palestine Islamic Bank 1995
Jordan Ahli Bank 1995 Al Quds Bank 1995
Housing Bank for Trade & Finance 1995 The National Bank 2005
Jordan Kuwait Bank 1995   
Union Bank 1995
HSBC Bank Middle East Limited 1998