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Table 1 Proposed models of credit risk. The researchers have tried to solve the customer credit risk assessment problem, using a different approach and technique, and each of them has tried to present a more accurate model than others. Table 1 summarizes these researches. It shows that 90.9% of the previous models are static and only 9.1% of them are dynamic

From: A dynamic credit risk assessment model with data mining techniques: evidence from Iranian banks

Authors’ name Techniques Static / Dynamic Type of predictor (Certain/Uncertain)
Hussain Ali Bekhet et al., 2014 ANN: RBF Static Certain
Gusti Ngurah Narndra Mandalaa. Et al, 2012 Decision Tree: c 5.0 Static Certain
Weimin Chen et al., 2012 Clustering, SVM Static Certain
Fatemeh Nemati Koutanaei et al., 2015 GA, SVM, PCA Static Certain
Zhiwang Zhang et al., 2014 Kernel, fuzzification, penalty factors Static Certain
Danenas P et al., 2015 SVM Static Certain
Ghodselahi, 2011 SVM, Fuzzy clustering Static Certain
Shahrzad Zaman, 2013 MLP, RBF Static Certain
Vahid Baradaran, 2015 ANFIS Static Certain
Blanco et al., 2013 MLP, linear discriminant analysis, quadratic discriminant analysis, logistic regression Dynamic Certain
Bensic et al., 2005 Logistic regression, NNs and Classification and regression trees Static Certain
West, 2000 Linear discriminant, analysis and logistic regression, decision trees, kernel density estimation, nearest neighbor Static Certain
Witkowska et al., 2004 MLP, RBF Static Certain
Yeh et al., 2009 K-nearest neighbor (KNN) classifiers, Logistic regression, Discriminant analysis, Naı¨ve Bayesian classifier, Classification trees, ANN Static Certain
Ping et al., 2011 SVM Static Certain
Tsai, 2008 MLP Static Certain
Twala, 2010 ANN, decision tree, Naïve Bayes,k-NN,logistic, discriminant analysis Static Certain
Hsieh et al., 2010 NN, support vector machine, and Bayesian network Static Certain
Paleologo et al., 2010 SVM, decision trees, KNN, AdaBoost, Subagged classifiers Static Certain
Wang et al., 2011 SVM Static Certain
Oreski et al., 2014 Presented a new hybrid GA with ANN Static Certain
Maria Rocha Sousa et al., 2016 Generalized Additive Model (GAM) Dynamic Certain