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Table 3 ARDL Bounding Test

From: Cointegration between macroeconomic factors and the exchange rate USD/CNY

Equations F-Statistics
FEXCR(EXCR | GDPG, INFR, INTR, TRDO) 10.5852 Co-Integration
FGDPG(GDPG | EXCR, INFR, INTR, TRDO) 5.7123 Co- Integration
FINFR(INFR | GDPG, EXCR, INTR, TRDO) 6.7119 Co-Integration
FINTR (INTR | GDPG, INFR, EXCR, TRDO) 5.1682 Co-Integration
FTRDO(TRDO | GDPG, INFR, INTR, EXCR) 5.4659 Co-Integration