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Editor’s introduction

The tenth issue of Financial Innovation (FIN), Volume 4, No. 2 (2018) presents six papers contributed by 12 authors and co-authors from seven countries and areas: Brazil, Burkina Faso, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, UK.

The first paper, “Brent prices and oil stock behaviors: evidence from Nigerian listed oil stocks”, by Amarachi Uzo-Peters, Temitope Laniran and Adeola Adenikinju, investigates the impact of Brent oil price shocks on oil related stocks in Nigeria. The second paper, “Value-at-risk under ambiguity aversion”, by Rossella Agliardi, offers a new perspective to full awareness on capital requirement calculation as requested by international regulation. The third paper, “Climate change and financing adaptation by farmers in northern Nigeria”, by Terfa W. Abraham and William M. Fonta, shows that rural farmers are affected by climate change through increased temperature, prolonged dry seasons, floods, and drought, which lead to low harvest and, in turn, low income. The fourth paper, “Does financial depth impact economic growth in North Cyprus?”, by Turgut Türsoy and Faisal Faisal, shows that economic growth can be improved by enhancing the deposit rates in the financial system.The fifth paper, “Impact of global financial crunch on financially innovative microfinance institutions in South Asia”, by Faisal Mustafa, Ambreen Khursheed and Maham Fatima, evaluates the role of a country’s political practices in moderating the impact of global financial crunch on microfinance performance. The sixth paper, “Is money going digital? An alternative perspective on the current hype”, by Daniel Gersten Reiss, proposes that the statuses of electronic money (e-money) and banknotes have switched in the view of monetary authorities.

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