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Table 1 Typical works on credit scoring using econometric approaches

From: Social credit: a comprehensive literature review

Agent Reference Technique
Country Frank and Cline (1971) DA
Grinols (1975)
Taffler and Abassi (1984)
Doumpos et al. (2001)
Feder and Just (1977) Logit
Rivoli and Brewer (1998)
Fisk and Rimlinger (1979) Probit
Balkan (1992)
Haan et al. (1997)
Corporation Altman (1968) DA
Beaver (1966)
Zhou et al. (2005)
Tang and Chi (2005) Logit
West (1985)
West (1985)
Individual Chatterjee and Barcun (1970) kNN
Henley and Hand (1997)
Baesens et al. 2003a, 2003b