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Table 3 Cyber credit management systems

From: Harnessing Internet finance with innovative cyber credit management

Company Products and services Credit assessment model Data source Evaluation aspects Service object Founded
CreditEasy Credit report, lending services, wealth management Machine learning model, GLM(LR) model, Random forest model information provide by users, internet information unlimited Individual consumers 2006
OnDeck Credit score, small loan Big data analysis model Real-time information of enterprise operation, bank data, census data, tax data Cash flow, customer reviews, etc Small enterprises 2006
Lending club Peer-to-peer lending Big data analysis model Platform information Individual information, loan information Individual lenders whose Fico score over 700 2006
Credit Karma Simple version of credit report, credit score, credit monitoring, finance product recommendation Statistic analysis model Traditional credit investigation institutions Payment history, credit usage, length of credit history credit applications credit account Individual consumers 2008
Zestfinance Credit report, credit score Ten big data analysis models Internet data, data provide by users, third-party data unlimited Individual lenders who cannot get credit service from traditional credit institutions 2009
WeCash Credit report, credit score Big data analysis models Information provide by users, internet information Internet behavior, individual credit history Individual consumers 2014
Sesame Credit Credit report, credit score Linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree, neural network E-commerce data, e-finance data, public departments, information provide by users Credit history, interpersonal connections, behavioral preference, identity, contractual capacity Individual consumers 2014